Florencesoft TextDiff compares and finds the differences between text files, source code, xml, scripts. Compares folders (directories) on Windows.

How To Compare Folders / Directories For Changed Files On Windows

Florencesoft TextDiff makes it easy to compare two hierarchical folders (directories) containing text files for differences on Microsoft Windows. This is ideal for software developers working with huge numbers of source files and scripts that make up projects.

Changed files are colored purple. Deleted files are colored red. New files are colored green. If a pair of text files have been altered, double-clicking on the result will show exactly how they have changed i.e. the software will perform a diff on them.

The user is given a choice on whether all the subdirectories contained in the two selected folders are compared as well.

The user can select either Show All Files or Show Only Different Files. If the latter is selected, only changed, new and deleted files are displayed. Unaltered files are not displayed. This allows the user to quickly see a list of changed files.

If Show only identical paragraphs near differences is selected on the main part of TextDiff's user interface, then seeing exactly what has been changed becomes easier still when each pair of changed files is double-clicked to show how they differ.

Comparing Two Folders / Directories For Differences On Windows