Florencesoft TextDiff compares and finds the differences between text files, source code, xml, scripts. Compares folders (directories) on Windows.

Tip Of The Day - Viewing Only The Differences, Hiding Unchanged Text

One of TextDiff's most powerful features is its ability to omit unchanged text in its difference report. This allows you to see all the differences very quickly, with the option of adding a few unchanged lines on either side for context.

To see a few lines of unchanged text around each difference, select Show only identical paragraphs near differences. The Options dialog allows the user to specify the amount of Context. The default is set at four.

To hide all unchanged text, except for text moved up or down in the document, select Don't show identical, unmoved paragraphs.

To hide all unchanged text, including even lines of text moved about in the document, select Don't show any identical paragraphs.

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