Florencesoft TextDiff compares and finds the differences between text files, source code, xml, scripts. Compares folders (directories) on Windows.

Main Advantages Of Florencesoft TextDiff

Florencesoft TextDiff has many useful features, such as the ability to compare text at the levels of whole lines (paragraphs), words or characters. It can display the results in one combined window showing all the changes or in two side-by-side windows showing the deletions in one pane and the additions in the other.

We think the most useful feature however is the ability to omit unchanged text and just show the differences. It is possible to show a user-specified number of lines of context around each difference.

Show only identical paragraphs near differences will show the differences with a few lines of unchanged text around them as context.

Don't show identical, unmoved paragraphs will omit unchanged text. However if a paragraph or line has been moved up or down in the document it will be displayed, even if its contents are the same.

Don't show any identical paragraphs will omit all unchanged text, including lines (or paragraphs) that have not been altered, but just moved about in the document.

There are many different documents types to work with. If you can copy the text out of your document to the clipboard, it can be pasted into the two text boxes on the main part of TextDiff's user interface. As such TextDiff is a fast and easy way to find the differences between text embedded in a vast number of different document types.

The software can compare two folders (directories) for differences. This is useful for software developers / programmers who want to see the changes in hierarchical directories of source code, XML and scripts. Double-clicking on each reported file difference will compare the two files for differences, so long as it is plain text, Rich Text Format or a Microsoft Word document. For the latter Word must be installed.