Compare text files, source code, xml, scripts for differences with Florencesoft TextDiff. Diff text. Compares folders (directories) on Windows.

About Us

DiffEngineX LLC was founded in 2008 and incorporated in Delaware, USA. Since that date, we have created Windows-based software applications for finding the differences between various different document types.

Our products are available as 30-day trial versions. Once you are certain that the product meets you needs, you can buy it directly from our website using your credit card or PayPal account. All our software is digitally signed with a certificate from a major supplier, proving we are a verified publisher and that our software has not been altered in transit.

On this website, you can download Florencesoft TextDiff - the Windows desktop application which compares plain text files, source code, the text part of Microsoft Word documents, rich text format (RTF) documents, scripting languages and XML. Alternatively Florencesoft TextDiff can be downloaded and purchased from the Microsoft Store. If you do not use Microsoft Windows or want to install a software application, the website uses the same text difference algorithm as the download. The Windows download has the best user experience though.

Our other software products are available elsewhere. Selection Diff Tool is a simple tool to compare text inside Microsoft Word and Excel. It is available from Microsoft AppSource. DiffEngineX finds the differences between two Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files and is described here.

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