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Anagram Generator / Solver

Cool Anagram generates anagrams from a user supplied set of words on Microsoft Windows 10.

Anagrams are formed when the letters from a word or set of words are rearranged to make other words. Of course these newly formed words cannot just be any random arrangement of letters, but they have to be words contained in an English dictionary. For example an anagram of "William Clinton" is "I'm it, an ill clown".

The anagram generator is supplied with a massive list of over 111, 000 words. It preferentially generates anagrams with the longest words first. It was written to generate anagrams in an especially fast manner.

One use of anagram generators is to rearrange people's names into something amusing. Although software programs can generate lots of anagrams, the problem is sifting through hundreds of them to find something interesting. Sometimes you need to help the software! For example if you remove the letters i, m and a, if possible, from the words you want to anagram, then anything the software produces can have "I'm a...." added to it.

On start up, you can choose between a small and large word list. This is used by the software to create its anagrams. Sometimes you get better anagrams with the smaller word list, as there are less junk ones to sift through. Some experimentation is needed.

Privacy Policy

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